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Quotes I exercise regularly, but saw results after training under Brek for a week and a half. Workouts are well structured and thought through before sessions. Workouts are varied and exercises don't repeat often in a given week. This keeps them interesting, challenging, and provides a full body workout. Brek knows (boot camp) attendees by name, knows their fitness levels and capabilities, and works with each accordingly. Many exercises have both standard method and advanced technique for those who want a little more. Overall, Brek is personable, keeps the workouts fun, and consistently provides an intense workout. I would definitely recommend his training to anyone serious about fitness. Quotes

Quotes Brek's workouts were so effective and intense that I felt the results instantly as well as long-lasting. Thanks so much! He's an awesome trainer and I look forward to all of our workouts. Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes My wife surprised me by signing me up with Brek. With multiple jobs and a busy schedule, I never seemed to find time to work out. But the quick HIIT workouts are just that -- quick -- I can't believe the difference-- my energy level is higher, my clothes fit better and I feel better about myself. He not only tailors a workout to fit your goals, your fitness level and your schedule, he makes it all go with a constant vibe of positive energy. He doesn't push you-- he finds ways to help you push yourself to reach your goals and achieve things you weren't even sure you could anymore! I only wish I'd found him sooner." Quotes
Joe M.
Local Office Mgr

Quotes Sessions are great and kick my butt, a lot of "mixing it up"--not the same exercises all the time--.the nutrition guide has been easy to follow and simple...I'm seeing results, I feel great. Quotes
Kim P.

Quotes I really liked Brek and his whole training concept. He exceeded my expectations - every workout was different and obviously well planned in advance. We did so many exercises that I had never done before, and I can now add to my own workouts. Quotes

Quotes "I love Brek and his style of training... I have never been more fit & toned!" Quotes
Barb W.